Carving Bowls

Carving Singing Bowls is the most selling religious singing bowls which is famous all over the world .Carving singing bowls is designed with different Images of lord Buddha,symbol and sign of peace,worship materials of lord Buddha etc which are carve on the bowls.Carving  singing ball related to the produce of different harmonic and individual sounds which are used in Meditation, healing, relaxing and in Prayers purposes.

It is believed that playing singing ball with mantra is the best way of gaining peace in mind,soul and heart.Handmade singing ball export is a leading handmade  company in Nepal offer different kind Carving Singing Bowls with wide range of size and price.

Om Mantra Tibetan Singing Bowl

Om Mantra Tibetan Singing Bowl

Tibetan singing bowl is used for healing process and it create the perfect state for deep mediation ..


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