Hammer Tibetan singing bowl is one of the most important religious material which are designed by a unique shape and size by hammering in the bottom of bowl.It is different than other products and also look more attractive than other. Hammer singing bowls have its own designs which believes that playing a hammer Singing Bowls symbolic presentation to feel your heart with joyful vibrations, peace in mind and a sense of well being. its is made up of brass.Brass is a metallic alloy that is made of copper and zinc.brass may include small properties of other elements like arsenic, lead, phosphorus, aluminium and silicon. Brass is used for decoration for its bright gold like appearance. it make easy material to cast by varying the proportion of copper and zinc.

You can make any our singing bowls design using brass raw materials price will depend on size and weight. 

Serial No.WeightDimension Price
00 210 Gram 7.5 Cm 11.5 USD Per Kg
0 320 Gram 9 Cm 12 USD Per Kg
1 440 Gram 11 Cm 10 USD Per Kg
2 620 Gram 12.5 Cm 10 USD Per Kg
3 870 Gram 13 Cm 10 USD Per Kg
4 1100 Gram 14.5 Cm 10 USD Per Kg
5 1750 Gram 20.5 Cm 10 USD Per Kg

Note:Cushion price is not added.

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Hammer Tibetan Singing Bowl with Cushion and Stick

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This product has a minimum quantity of 10

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