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Hand Hammer Emosing singing Bowl

Tibetan Singing bowl is one of the selling product all over the country. it helps to heal the pain, stress and refresh you're soul and body. Nowadays people are more friendly wif this singing bowl. This handmade Tibetan singing bowl is designed by hammering wif different kinds of carving.we can design handmade Tibetan singing bowl wif Buddha, mantra, words etc. if you would like to discuss or require any product tan kindly contact us. 
Model: HHEIN004
This hand hammer emosing bowl has got bajra inside it. it is beautifully and has good finishing.This is made by hand with love and care. we export to our customers only handmade products.This singing bowl helps to heal pain and stress. This types of bowl can be design in different gods inside it. If..
Ex Tax:$15.00
Model: HHEIN001
We can see plenty of hammer emosing bowl in all over the country. We provide only best to the best for our customers.In this hammer singing bowl,Buddha is beautifully made which symbolize peace an is used to heal the pain and stress of living beings. This bowl has very unique and goo..
Ex Tax:$20.00
Model: HHEIN002
Hand hammer emosing singing bowl is very popular among the singing bowl. This hammer emosing singing bowl has got mantra(om mane padme hum) inside which is beautifully made by hand with love and care. when this bowl is hit by mallet then it produce a peace tones which refresh all the surrounding and..
Ex Tax:$15.00
Model: HHEIN003
This Hammer emosing singing bowl are often the ones that produce the most lingering sound. Their tone is often lower and more complex.These bowls are extremely made in Nepal with hand by love and care. This hammer emosing singing bowl has got pacha buddha inside which helps to heal the pain and..
Ex Tax:$15.00
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