• Handmade Tibetan Hand Prayers Wheel

Handmade Tibetan hand prayers wheels is similar with a prayer wheel turned by wind. The wind that touches the prayer wheel is blessed by the power of the prayer wheel and then has the power to purify the negative karmas and obscurations of any being it touches. prayer wheels are so powerful in purifying negative karmas. It is also mentioned that prayer wheels stop harms from spirits and other beings and also stop disease. Anyone with a disease such as AIDS or cancer, whether or not they have any understanding of Dharma, can use the prayer wheel for meditation and healing. For example, sick people could come here to Land of Medicine Buddha for several hours every day to turn the prayer wheel and do the visualizations.

There are two visualizations. With the first, you visualize light beams coming from the mantras in the prayer wheel, illuminating you and purifying you of all your disease and the causes of disease, your negative thoughts and the imprints of these left on your mental continuum. You then visualize the light illuminating all sentient beings and purifying all their sufferings, as well as their negative karmas and obscurations.if you would like to discuss or require any product then kindly contact us. it will be pleasure to wrok with you.

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Handmade Tibetan Hand Prayers Wheel

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